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O'Malley Premium Hardwood Pellets


The hardwood pellets that carry the O’Malley Lumber name are made from100% hardwood wood fiber; there are no additives or chemicals.

The technology used at O'Malley sawmills guarantees that the wood product that goes into the pellets has never come in contact with the ground assuring clean, consistent hardwood pellets that won’t contain any dangerous contaminants like rocks, dirt, and other debris.


Lignetics Premium Hardwood Pellets
Lignetics Premium Hardwood Pellets are helping to support the United States economy. Wood pellet fuel is a renewable heating source that includes many American-based industries. The material is recycled, gathered, manufactured as wood pellets, transported, distributed and used in wood pellet stoves that are produced in the United States. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets Are Produced in the United States for Use in North America. Available in 40 pound bags. 50 bags/pallet.
Volume discounts available
    • Made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste
    • Contain all-natural biomass.
    • Designated premium grade by the Pellet Fuel Institute.
    • Produce a consistent, high BTU output and produce less than one percent ash.
    • The emission rate for wood pellet stoves when using Lignetics premium wood pellets is approximately 1.2 grams per hour, which falls well below the nationwide EPA regulation of less than 7.5 grams per hour.


Statesman Hardwood Wood Heat Pellets

Statesman Heat Pellets by Hamer, provide premium grade fuel from hardwood pellets. These pellets burn efficiently with no additives and consistently with high heat output. Statesman Heat Pellets also feature low ash content as well as minimal fines and emissions. These are the exact same pellet as Hamers Hot Ones and bagged at a same location that bags the Hamers wood pellets . They are just branded as Statesman for Southern States distribution.

Available in 40 pound bags. 50 bags/pallet



AWF Premium Pine Wood Heat Pellets

AWF softwood pellets are produced from Eastern White Pine out-perform pellets from other softwood species such as Southern Yellow Pine. While some people may believe that hardwood pellets burn longer than softwood, in fact softwood fuel pellets and hardwood fuel pellets have the same density, so they burn for the same length of time. AWF softwood fuel pellets will burn hotter and cleaner, produce on average half the ash, and have little to no clinkers in the burn pot compared to most hardwood fuel pellets.  Available in 40 pound bags. 50 bags/pallet

  • Bulk Density: 40-46lbs/ft3
  • Diameter: 2.30-7.25mm
  • Fines <.50%
  • Ash Content < 1%
  • Moisture < 8%

Delivery Fees apply: 1 ton: $60 | 2 tons: $75 | 3+ tons: $90

Delivery Available Within 50 Miles of The Mill. Extra Fees May Apply Due to Mileage or Handling. Please call 410-452-8177 for stacking or delivery fee questions.