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crops, agronomy, nitrogen, fertilizer, soil fertility
crops, agronomy, nitrogen, fertilizer, soil fertility, High Nrg-N
crops, agronomy, nitrogen, fertilizer, soil fertility, stabilized Nitrogen
crops, agronomy, nitrogen, fertilizer, soil fertility, variable rate fertility
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crops, agronomy, The Mill, John Deere Financial

Agronomy Services

The Mill is an independent, locally-owned, full-service agronomy center. We carry a large variety of crop seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, as well as provide a suite of agronomic services including custom application, precision ag consulting and technology, and agronomic consulting.

Our agronomy team can provide the service, products, and recommendations to maximize your profitability.

Custom Application

Tailor made fertilizer blends and crop protection mixes are applied with first class dry and liquid application equipment, utilizing the latest precision ag technology to enhance placement, and even variable fertilizer products on the go.

  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Dry Fertilizer
  • Lime
  • Pesticide

Agronomy Consulting

The Mill's certified agronomists are experts on mid-atlantic crop production. Ranging from high yielding field crops to pasture management, nothing is out of our wheel house. We provide whole farm recommendations and plans from start to finish.

  • Certified Crop Advisors
  • Fertility & Pesticide Recommendations
  • Soil & Tissue Sampling
  • Crop Scouting
  • Nutrient Management Plans

Ag Technology & Data Management

The leading precision agronomy service empowering data driven management decisions. Delivering on farm profitability, nutrient efficiency, and sustainability for future generations.
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Variable Rate Seeding, Fertilizer, and Lime Recommendations
  • Precision Soil Sampling and Mapping
  • Nitrogen Modeling
  • Truterra Insights Engine

Products & Partners

As an independent retailer, we partner with trusted brands to provide our customers with a large variety of seed, chemical, and fertilizer to choose from. We are always looking for partners that provide the most impact.


Working closely with governement and private entities, we bridge the gap between conservation and economics. Delivering our growers the latest suite of technologies, practices & products ensures we lay the foundation for optimizing economic return while reducing environmental impact.

Knowledge Events

We know it is important to stay current with the latest crop technology and information. Many of our agronomists are Certified Crop Advisors and attend a variety of meetings to stay informed and then share this new information with our growers. We also host winter growers meeting and our annual Crop Showcase in the summer.

Save the Date


In-field Demonstrations & Presentations

Interactive Winter Growers Meetings

Connect with Us

The Mill, prowler, crops, agronomy, agriculture
The Mill offers various education options for our customers both in person and online. We have experts on hand to help you with questions. We also offer blogs on our website, videos on YouTube, fun facts, contests, and tips on Facebook. Each store has Facebook page, as well as crops, equine & livestock Mill champions.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates, specials, information, tips, and promotions. Our YouTube channel has a variety of informational videos and clips.