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Customized Solutions
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Utilize cutting-edge ag technology to analyze field data and make informed decisions for improved crop yields.
Precision Application
Apply advanced technology for precise fertilizer and pesticide application, minimizing waste and maximizing effectiveness.

The Mill Agronomy

The Mill Difference: With an emphasis on technology and sustainability, our agronomy team is committed to maximizing your crop's potential and return on investment. Our team of certified agronomists are available for agronomic consultations, ensuring your needs are met. Our wide selection includes top-quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, complemented by cutting-edge liquid and dry application equipment for customized solutions. Trust The Mill , your partner from start to finish.

Our Team
The Mill's certified agronomists are local experts on Mid-Atlantic crop production. Ranging from high-yielding field crops, to pasture management, nothing is out of their wheelhouse. Each one of our team members brings their own unique perspective, feel free to reach out for consultation!

Dennis Berger

Certified Crop Advisor

My name is Dennis Berger, I am a Certified Crop Advisor and Agronomist at The Mill. I work closely with local farmers to develop solutions to maximize agronomic yields while a having a farmer's economic and productivity goals in mind. Ever since I started working on my grandfather's farm as a child, my love for agriculture continued while obtaining a degree in Agricultural Science from Penn State University and continues 33 years after that graduation. I strive every day to do what is right for the farmer, because if the farmer is successful then I am successful. In my limited spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, grandson and soon to be granddaughter. I also enjoy being in the woods hunting deer and turkey. I am excited to see what the future holds with its constant changes and challenges in agriculture, I will continue to strive to meet and exceed these challenges in production agriculture for every grower that I serve.

David Boniface

Certified Crop Advisor

I’m David Boniface, One of The Mills Agronomist. This may be one of the best jobs in the world. I get to work with Farmers, Nursery Managers, Turf Professionals and Equine facilities, sharing my knowledge and experiences that help each one succeed while increasing their soil health and decreasing the impact on the environment. I was fortunate to grow up in Harford County and enjoy the rural settings that we strive to save and preserve. After receiving my Agronomy and Environmental Science degree from Delaware Valley College, I became a Golf Course Superintendent for a number of years. The Mill then reached out to me 21 years ago and I continue to this day, making new friends and sharing Ideas to make our community a better place for the future. Family will always be first in my life. Hunting is an obsession, giving back to the community is a must and the friendships that I have made working at The Mill is priceless.

Ben Hushon

Certified Crop Advisor

My name is Ben Hushon and I became a partner in The Mill in 2003. I manage the agronomy side of The Mill which includes fertilizer, application and helping our farmers grow food. I have a passion for helping to share the incredible news of how farmers are increasing yields while having less impact on our local streams and rivers. I am also involved regionally in this process as a board member of the Mid-Atlantic 4R. My parents modeled Faith, Family and Farming and I have seen the fruits of also keeping those priorities along with trying to add a smile or kind word to every situation. I have been blessed by having 3 brothers who are all involved in agriculture as well as having my son and a nephew both working with us at The Mill. My wife Cindy, and I had two children Tim and Tabitha, and now have 3 healthy grandchildren who are so much fun! I love being part of bringing new and innovative ideas to the ag community as we work with a focus of continuous improvement in yields, water quality and soil health. I think we have built a team at The Mill that is also passionate about continuous improvement and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Tim Hushon

Certified Crop Advisor

My name is Tim Hushon and I'm the Sustainable AgTech Director at The Mill. My time is spent on the leading precision agronomy service, Decision Ag Solutions, focusing on farm profitability through data driven management decisions. Growing up around my grandfather's farm and watching my father's leadership in ag retail helped me realize my passion for the agriculture community. I take great pride in partnering with growers to provide nutrient efficiency solutions backed with a proven agronomic advantage resulting in sustainability for future generations. On my days off you can catch my growing family having fun outside on the playground, playing sports, or reading tractor books!

David Shriver

Certified Crop Advisor

Hello, I’m David Shriver, I work out of the Hampstead location as an Agronomist and Certified Crop Advisor. I spend my time helping growers make the right agronomic decisions for their crops with economics in mind. I am a lifelong resident of Carroll County, only leaving to attend North Carolina State University where I learned a BS degree in Horticulture Science. I have worked in the chemical and seed industry helping growers achieve success my entire career. Outside of work you can find me in the garden or the woods hunting whatever season it is, deer, turkey etc. I enjoy hunting trips with all three of my children, and hiking with my wife. I am also on the Board of Directors at the Union Mills Homestead where I chair The Maryland Microbrewery Festival! If you have questions about agriculture give me a call, we’ll find the answer together.

Chris Hinder


Hello, I’m Chris Hinder, Field Agronomist at The Mill. I assist farmers in crop planning, seed selection, fertilizer and chemical recommendations and some precision agriculture practices to support prosperous crops . I also provide our growers with the products that they need to succeed throughout the year. I grew up in a rural town in Harford County, MD and have been passionate about agriculture from a young age. I pursued and attained a B.S. in Agriculture Science and Technology from The University of Maryland in 2015. I truly enjoy working with our growers to help them out in anyway possible. I pride myself on making
decisions and recommendations as if I was in my growers’ shoes. I always search
for the right solution as opposed to a quick or easy one. I enjoy hunting, fishing and just being outdoors. Spending time with my family, friends and dog are also very important to me. I look forward to working with our customers, new and existing, to benefit their operation in anyway!

Mike Nash


Hello, I’m Mike Nash and I am the manager responsible for crops and warehouse operations at The Mill of Hampstead. A typical workday for me involves assisting customers with their fertilizer needs, educating them on soil and fertilizer requirements, and scheduling and dispatching deliveries. I have held various roles at The Mill since 2009, starting in the warehouse, transitioning to a crop applicator, and currently in my present role. When I’m not working, I tend to our beef cattle and farm with my wife on our farm in Sparks, Md. We are excitedly expecting our first child soon. I am enthusiastic about sharing my experience growing diverse crops on our farm and providing guidance to our clients in overcoming their farming challenges.

Smoke Shaffer


Smoke has been with The Mill since 2003.

He has been crop advising for more than 45 years. In 1966 Smoke began working at Southern States and became a manager at the Shawsville location in 1976. In 1977 Smoke brought in bulk fertilizer to the company. Smoke has been known for being a talented trapshooter. In 1989 he was recognized as the top shooter at The York County Trapshooting League Championship.

Mark Holloway

Agronomy Operations Team

Mark worked in the grain trading industry and helped producers manage and market their crops prior to joining The Mill team. He earned his Ag Systems Technology Degree and Ag Business Minor from Iowa State University.

Joe Hushon

Agronomy Operations Team

Joe has been with The Mill since 2008.

He began working at The Mill of Black Horse as part of the dock crew. He then took on tasks involving GPS management, blending fertilizer and building a liquid automation facility. Joe has been managing the sprayer fleet since 2015. In 2019, Joe became one of the co-leads on The Mill's Decision Ag Solutions Program.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and their son, who was born on Thanksgiving Day 2016.

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The Mill offers various education opportunities for our customers both in-person and online. We have experts on hand to help you with any questions you may have. Visit The Mill's YouTube channel for Ben's crop report on RFD TV and other informative videos. Also, you can connect with us on Facebook.