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Anthracite Stove Coal

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Anthracite Coal Fact Sheet

  • Sold in bulk or in 40lb bags
  • Reliable heat source at a competitive price
  • 1 Ton Coal= ~25,000,000 BTU
  • To achieve the same BTU content with other fuels:
    • ~180.5 gallons heating oil
    • ~24,224.8 cubic feet of natural gas
    • ~273.7 gallons of propane
    • ~1.6 ton of wood pellets
  • Lehigh Anthracite’s Coal is mined, processed, and tested for quality and accurate sizing daily on site.
  • Ultra-low volatile content, low ash content, and low sulfur content contribute to a high carbon content. High carbon anthracite coal provides a long, hot burn.
  • No smoke and very little emissions

High Quality Anthracite Coal for Multiple Applications.

With low-sulfur coal, low-volatile matter, and high fixed carbon, the quality of our anthracite speaks for itself. And still-untapped seams in our eleven-mile-long site ensure many years of premium anthracite production.

Uses include:

  • Steel manufacturing
  • Injection Carbon
  • Charge Carbon
  • Coke Replacement
  • Water filtration
  • Home heating
  • Power generation
  • Other industrial applications

Meeting stringent specifications:

  • Low sulfur: <0.75%
  • Ultra low-volatile matter: 3.5 – 4.5%
  • High fixed carbon: 83 – 90%
  • Ash: 7.5 – 12%


Delivery Timing & Fees:

Please note, pallet delivery timing varies depending on the season. If you have any questions, please call. Delivery fees may vary based on quantity and distance.  Please email or call for a quote on a pallet or bundled items.  Flatbed deliveries of pallets, totes, bundled fence posts, gates, and stall mats start at $50.00. Heat pellet and Coal deliveries are $60.00 for the 1st ton, $75.00 for 2 tons, and $90.00 for more than 3 tons.  Deliveries over 50-mile radius may be extra for low volume orders.

 For delivery options call The Mill of Bel Air, 410-838-6111. 

 Deliveries over 50-mile radius may be extra for low volume orders.

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