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Mill Smart Complete Horse Feed


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Mill Smart Complete

Mill Smart Complete is a highly palatable complete feed that offers 11% protein, 10% fat, and 15% fiber to provide your mature horse with a quiet source of energy. Smart Complete contains high levels of beet pulp, a “super fiber” for horses. This feed also serves as a great choice for horses with limited access to high-quality hay and/or pasture. Research has proven that diets high in fat and fiber reduce the incidence of performance limiting problems such as gastric ulcers and tying-up. Smart Complete also contains organic minerals for greater absorption and more efficient utilization and Natural Vitamin E for increased absorption, resulting in improved function and decreased recovery times.


  • Textured complete feed
  • High levels of beet pulp
  • Built for horses with limited access to hay or have poor quality hay
  • Contains organic trace minerals for better availability and nutrient utilization
  • Natural Vitamin E for increase absorption
  • Available in 50 lb. bag

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