Buckeye Nutrition Safe 'n Easy Complete Horse Feed


Safe 'N Easy Complete

Buckeye Safe 'n Easy Complete equine feed is ideal for horses/ponies with poor teeth or limited forage. Safe and Easy Complete Horse Feed is low in sugar and starch for metabolism support. Its prebiotic fiber aids digestion while its easy-to-chew blend suits those with dental issues. Corn and molasses-free, it also provides antioxidants for immune health. This is a complete feed that can replace the entire diet of a horse when fed at the appropriate levels. Safe 'n Easy is fully fortified with Buckeye Gro 'n Win to provide essential trace minerals and amino acid complex.

  • Complete equine feed
  • Built for horses/ponies with poor teeth or those with limited forage in their diet
  • Low in sugar and starch to help support horse/pony metabolism
  • Includes prebiotic fiber to aid in promoting overall digestive health
  • Soaks readily with water 
  • Easy-to-chew fiber blend for horses/ponies no longer able to consume long-stemmed hay due to dental issues
  • Included vitamin E and selenium to help provide antioxidants for immune support
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag
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