Corner Hay Rack Feeder


Corner Hay Rack

Made in the USA by Scenic Road Manufacturing

This corner hay feeder is convenient and safe for all small stock from ponies, llamas and alpacas to sheep, goats and other livestock. It is sturdy, safe, and affordable, allowing you to offer about 3/4 of a bale of timothy or alfalfa hay without needing to feed it from  the ground. Using wall racks for hay helps prevent stock from reinfesting with parasites.

  • Large corner hay rack for sheep and goats, crias and other small animals with 3/4 bale capacity
  • 1/2 inch powder coated steel construction.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Round edges to eliminate injury to animals.
  • Wedge shape design to keep hay under compression as it is removed from the bottom.
  • Made in the USA
  • Size is 40"H x 37"W x 27"D
SKU: 05502 ISBN: 723428000055