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The Mill can help you grow and maintain great crops. We carry a variety of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizer and have application equipment for both liquid and dry custom application. We also have certified agronomists on staff for individual consultations.

With a primary focus on technology and sustainable agriculture, The Mill agronomy team works to help growers maximize nutrient efficiency and crop yield for every dollar spent.

Fertilizers • Pesticides • Herbicides • Lime • Certified Agronomists • Seed • Crop Consultation • Crop Management Planning • Soil Analysis • Decision Ag Solutions

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The Mill's Agronomy Team

Our team is comprised of highly trained experts to help you get the results you desire in your fields. Each team member brings a unique perspective.

The Mill's Decision Ag Solutions

DAS, the leading precision agronomy service, empowers data driven management decisions resulting in farm profitabilty, nutrient efficiency, and sustainability for future generations. We partner with growers to undertand the full potential of their fields by providing actionable solutions and support for every acre.

Connect with Us

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The Mill offers various education opportunities for our customers both in-person and online. We have experts on hand to help you with questions. Visit The Mill's YouTube channel for Ben's crop report on RFD TV and other informative videos. Connect with us on Facebook.

News & Information

Weekly RFD TV Market Report

The Mill's Ben Hushon gives RFD TV's Marlin Bohling updates from White Hall, Maryland.

Land O' Lakes SUSTAIN

The Mill is proud to work alongside the Rose Family (Clear Meadow Farm), of White Hall, Maryland, to focus on stewardship and sustainability practices.

Spreading Potash in the Fall

Chris Hinder, Field Agronomist for The Mill, talks about the benefits of spreading Potash in the fall for better crop yields and fields.

Introducing MicroSync!

For season long micronutrient availability and performance.

Check out the Mill's Crop Showcase Feature in the American Agriculturist!

Results announced from
year two of an agriculture sustainability pilot project.

The Mill & Verdisian
Crop Showcase 2021
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