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October Breed of the Month: Dalmatian

Dalmatian running

Arguably one of the most recognizable breeds of dog, the Dalmatian is a medium sized, short haired dog whose coat pattern is a white background with black- or liver-colored spots all over.

Dalmatian laying in the grass

These dogs initially became popular as carriage dogs where they would serve as protection against wildlife or other local threats. Since then, they have served in many other roles, including performing in circuses, hunting, being firehouse mascots, and starring on the big screen. This shows the versatility of these dogs, as they have the energy and intelligence to excel in many different activities with their owners. However, because of this, they need a lot of consistent training and exercise throughout their lifespan, otherwise they can become very destructive and unhappy.

Dalmatian laying on a bed

These are great dogs for active families that go on frequent hikes and have a lot of space for their Dalmatian to run and play, and time to commit to training. Additionally, because they have been primarily bred for their coat pattern, they have some specific genetic health problems to watch out for, including a higher incidence of deafness compared to many other breeds or mixes of dogs.

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