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September Breed of the Month: Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant

Flemish Giants are the largest recognized breed of rabbit, weighing 11-20lbs and reaching 2-4ft long. These large rabbits were originally created as a utility breed that could be used for both meat and fur. However, as the fur trade has fallen out of fashion and it was realized their meat to bone ratio is not ideal for meat production, these rabbits are now primarily sold as pets and are considered the “gentle giants” of the small pet world.

Two Flemish Giant Rabbits


They typically have easy-going personalities and can be very friendly and social with the correct upbringing, and, like most rabbits, can be litter box trained. However, because of their size they do need significantly more space both for resting and exercise compared to rabbits of a smaller, or more traditional size. They also need weekly brushing and monthly nail trims, like all rabbit species.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish Giants are also still a prey animal, and this should be kept in mind when adding them to your household, as they may frighten easily and are more likely to cause unintentional injury due to their size. Despite this, with proper care and consideration, they make an excellent household pet!  

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