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"Since working with The Mill, my lawn has never looked better. It started with a soil analysis. Tim went over the numbers with me, made recommendations and listened to my ideas as well. I've been in my house 23 years and I'm now growing grass in areas I've never been able
to before. The products sold by The Mill are professional-grade, superior to consumer-grade products and are actually a fraction of the price of the consumer-grade products sold at the big-box stores. Professional products and personal attention make The Mill a cut above everyone else.
I can't recommend them enough to anyone who is serious about their lawn."
Bob Graffin
New Freedom, PA

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The Mill Helps Scott from 98Rock Get His Lawn Looking its Best
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The Mill has experts and highly trained retail staff members to help customers achieve desired results in their lawn.

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The Mill offers topsoil, fertilizer, mulch, sand, stone and more. These products are available in bags or bulk and can be delivered. Take a look at our BULK page to learn more!

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