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American Agriculturist covers Showcase

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We know it is important to stay up to date on the latest crop technology and information. Many of our agronomists are Certified Crop Advisors and attend a variety of meetings to stay informed and then share this new information with our growers. We also host winter growers meeting and our annual Crop Showcase in the summer.

2020 Meeting Recap

January 15th Meeting

  • Crop Showcase 2019 Results
    • 7 studies in our field trials looking at the economic returns of various
      products, times of application and rates
    • full precision ag capabilities put on display against the traditional uniform seeding and fertilizer methods and where those economic wins shake out
  • Corteva Update
    • new weed control measures in small grain and dealing with resistance
  • Verdesian Update
    • new products in the Verdesian lineup and Verdesian’s money back guarantee

February 19th Meeting

  • Agroliquid Update
    • new products and information from The Mill's partner, Agroliquid
  • Decision Ag Solutions
    • The Mill is launching this program to give growers the resources they need for utilizing data and making optimal decisions to increase nutrient efficiency and farm sustainability
    • Taking precision ag to the next level and ramp up environmental and economic sustainability for growers is available through tiered pricing packages that allow you to choose the technologies and levels of service that will benefit you most. Learn more HERE
  • Truterra Insights Engine
    • Recognized as the best digital tool for farmers to measure all areas of performance and sustainability on a field by field basis
    • Long term insights into the effectiveness of production practices and conservation efforts
    • Learn more HERE
  • Pheasants Forever
    • Pheasants Forever offers a partnership to help conserve natural wildlife
    • Utilizing land that is not profitable to protect wild animals and their environments
  • Trey Hill, Harborview Farms
    • Harborview Farms combines tradition, technology, sustainability and a progressive attitude to pioneer new techniques that address social and environmental responsibility in agriculture.

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The Mill's 2021 Crop Showcase

Interactive Winter Growers Meetings

In-field Demonstrations and Presentations

The Mill’s Agronomy Services include:

  • Ag Liquid
  • Organic Options
  • Data and Technology Management and Consulting
  • Specialty Fertilizer Blends
  • Application Services
  • Tissue Sampling
  • Soil Testing