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The Mill delivers, Bel Air, Black Horse, Hampstead, Hereford, Kingstown, Red Lion, Whiteford, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware
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The Mill's 5 B's for the Best Lawn

The Mill can help you grow and maintain a great lawn. We carry a variety of seed, soil amendments, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. We also have a turf expert on staff for individual consultations.

We are commitment to improved sustainability for homeowner’s lawns in an environmentally conscious way while more effectively and economically achieving homeowners goals.

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The Mill, Bel Air, Black Horse, Hampstead, Hereford, Kingstown, Red Lion, Whiteford

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The Mill's 5 B's for the best lawn

The Mill's Turf Expert

The Mill’s turf expert will come to your house to take a soil sample and then develop a custom plan for your lawn. 

John Vinson is a highly trained expert available to help you get the results you desire in your lawn. Get professional advice to use the best product, in the best amount, at the bestt time to preserve the environmen, save you money, and get the best results! 

Contact John Vinson at jvinson@themillstores.com.

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The Mill offers various education opportunities for our customers both in-person and online. We have experts on hand to help you with questions. Visit The Mill's YouTube channel for Ben's crop report on RFD TV and other informative videos. Connect with us on Facebook.