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Woodlink Modern Farmhouse Solar Lantern Tube Feeder


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Light the way for your backyard birds to nighttime feeding. This matte-black tube feeder resembles a lantern with its gridded cage, enclosing within it a clear seed tube which can be filled with light when immersed in darkness. The feeder is powered by the 1.5" square solar panel on top of the 8.5" diameter lid, accompanied by a rubber-sealed ON/OFF switch, as well as an included rechargeable AAA battery. A black, metal hanger extends nearly 6" from the lantern's two-tiered, sloping top for easy hanging, while the top itself rests snugly on the feeder's metal frame. As the metal cage flares out to a 6" diameter at its bottom, the clear, plastic 2.5" diameter seed tube in the center holds up to 0.7 quarts of seed and contains four ports for birds to access while perching on the cage's hardy metal wire. The two-tiered, 5" diameter base completes the lantern design while concealing beneath it a stem and thumb screw for mounting onto a 1" outer diameter pole. Whether day or night, the seed is easily discoverable due to its clear tube and solar-powered light emanating from within. Ensure songbirds have access to food 24 hours a day with this Modern Farmhouse Solar Lantern Tube Feeder.

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