FoamCare Equine Shampoo


FoamCare Equine Shampoo!

Formulated for Equine Coats

  • Anti-inflammatory and paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic and pH optimized for equine coats
  • Nourishes coat and skin
  • Medicated version treats fungal disorders, dry, itchy skin, ringworm, yeast, other skin ailments
  • Leaves a show and arena-ready shine


Use the trigger system to spray FoamCare directly on your wet horse and you're ready for a clean that's deep-conditioning, stress-free, and fast.


FoamCare instantly foams up to clean and condition your horse. As you lather, our unique foaming action delivers nutrients vital to your horse's skin while giving the coat a deep-conditioning clean and shine. It even enhances your horse's own immune system against dermatological disorders.


Because FoamCare is optimized for equine coats, it rinses easily. This saves you time at the wash rack and leaves your horse with healthy skin and a clean, arena-ready shine.


Whether you need a daily conditioning shampoo or a medicated shampoo, FoamCare's easy-to-use trigger system and natural, healing ingredients will nourish your horse's skin and coat and leave a show-worthy shine. 

FoamCare Shampoo FoamCare Medicated Shampoo
 pH balanced for equine skin  pH balanced for equine skin
 Hypoallergenic  Hypoallergenic
 Nourishes coat and skin  Helps heal dry, itchy skin
 Great for spot cleaning or full baths  Treats ringworm, girth itch, fungal disorders

32oz Bottles

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