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Two-Sided Cardinal Platform Bird Feeder


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Two-Sided Cardinal Platform Bird Feeder

This two-sided platform bird feeder, designed especially for Cardinals, features a unique two-sided platform and up to 90% recycled plastic for ultimate sustainability and durability. The perforated seed trays and clear roof keep seed fresh and dry, while the powder-coated metal screen bottom helps with drainage and can handle a wide range of bird seeds and seed mixes. Sturdy construction ensures its lasting performance. Great for a variety of wild birds including cardinals, nuthatches, blue jays, gold finch, and many more. 

  • Two sided platform bird feeder
  • Up to 90% recycled plastic
  • Plastic roof and mesh bottom to keep seed dry and fresh
  • Great for wide range of birds including cardinals
  • Built for various seeds including black oil sunflower seed, safflower seed, millet, and much more
  • Sturdy construction to be long lasting

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