Timothy Grass Pellets Horse Feed


Standlee Timothy Grass Pellets

Timothy Grass Pellets are a ¼ inch pellets that are highly palatable, low to moderate in protein, and high in digestible fiber. Perfect for various horses, from growing to performance, this sun-cured feed is easy to store and minimizes waste. This product is Certified Noxious Weed Free. With lower calories than alfalfa or mixed forages, moderate protein, and palatable,, timothy pellets are ideal for growing horses, mature to overweight horses, horses with HYPP, performance horses, early pregnancy mares, and breeding stallions.

  • Timothy grass pellets for horses
  • 1/4 inch pellet that is low to moderate in protein
  • High in digestible fiber
  • Built for growing, mature, overweight, HYPP, performance, early pregnancy, and breeding horses
  • Certified weed free
  • Available in a 40 lb. bag
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