The Mill Grower Finisher 16% Pellet Pig Feed


The Mill Gro/Fin 16 Pellet Pig Feed

Mill Gro/Fin 16 is a highly palatable, pelleted feed that offers 16% protein and 1.0% lysine, making it an ideal choice for growing and finishing swine from 50 pounds to market weight. This feed is a pelleted version of our Mill Gro/Fin 16 ground meal feed, which has a proven track record of producing strong results for pig growth. This is a grower finisher swine feed built to maximize efficiency and promote overall growth in market hogs.

  • Grower Finisher Pig Feed
  • 16% protein feed
  • Market hog feed that can be fed throughout the entire growth process
  • Built for hogs 50 lbs. to market weight
  • Pelleted feed
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag
SKU: 1097802