The Mill Breeder #7 Pig Feed


The Mill Breeder #7 Sow Pig Feed

A complete feed for developing gilts from 150 pounds and up, and for sows and gilts during gestation and lactation. Fortified with 14% protein and 0.90% lysine, this is a palatable, ground meal feed that is well-accepted by pigs. Breeder #7 can be fed to young and mature sows. With added micotoxin binders, Breeder #7 sow feed helps protect pigs from toxicity issues caused by micotoxins.

  • Pig feed built for gilts and sows in gestation, lactating, and open
  • Fortified with 14% protein
  • Ground corn based feed
  • Can be fed to young and mature sows
  • Added micotoxin binders
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag
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