Sunglo Starter 650 Base Show Pig Feed


Sunglo 650 Base Show Pig Feed

Sunglo 650 Base is a premium base mix pig feed designed for pigs in the 30-70 lb. weight range. With multiple protein sources and fortification of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, this feed promotes proper muscle and skeletal development and encourages feed intake. Sunglo 650 Base contains high levels of lactose (milk sugars) and amino acids to support enhanced feed intake, early muscle development and bloom. Tailor fit rations for each feeding phase with different inclusions of corn, soybean meal, fat, and medications. Sunglo Show Feeds 650 Base Mix is designed to be mixed with ground corn, soybean meal, and Liquafat. The inclusion rate is 385 lbs per ton(7 bags) of 650 Base.

  • Show pig base mix feed built for baby pigs
  • Contains necessary vitamins and trace minerals for a complete feed
  • Added milk proteins for feed intake and early development
  • Mix feed on farm with corn, soybean meal, and liquafat
  • Customize feed rations
  • NON-medicated
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag
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