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Sunglo Show Pig 803 Starter Feed


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Sunglo Show Pig 803 Starter Feed

Sunglo 803 Starter Hog Feed is a the ideal feed to transition to after Sunglo Starter. 803 is a 19% protein and 1.40% lysine, which promotes the sale prep pigs to maximize bloom. It's designed to be fed to 40-80 lb. pigs but can be fed at any point in the feeding process. It is fortified with premium animal proteins for extra nutrition and can be used to maximize bloom on baby pigs or whenever bloom and shape are needed during jackpot season or late in the feeding phase.

  • Starter show pig feed designed to maximize bloom
  • Ideal for 40-80 lb. pigs
  • Can be fed throughout the entire growing and showing process to add bloom
  • Available in 50 lb. bag
  • Protein: 19.00%
  • Fat: 5.50%
  • Lysine: 1.40%
  • Medication: Denagard 
  • Form: Meal

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