Sunglo Starter w/Mecadox Show Pig Feed


Sunglo Starter w/Mecadox

A formulated solution for pigs from 25-75lbs in body weight, Sunglo Starter delivers aggressive bloom and shape aimed to maximize show pig performance. This is the go to feed for weaned pigs that are getting ready for sale. With it's advanced amino acid profile, Sunglo Feeds Starter will put on muscle and grow baby pig's skeleton appropriately for them to truly pop. At a 22% protein and 1.6% lysine, it's an ideal feed for most young show pigs to give them the show pig look. Extensive nutrient analysis and elevated micronutrients like Vitamin E, D, and biotin plus digestible phosphorus, potassium, chromium, and zinc give show pigs superior bone growth and muscle mass.

  • Designed for show pigs 25-75 lbs.
  • Built to promote muscle and skeletal growth for the show pig look
  • Ideal feed following Sunglo Prestarter
  • Available in 50 lb. bag
  • Protein: 22.00%
  • Fat: 6.00%
  • Fiber: 3.50%
  • Lysine: 1.60%
  • Medication: Mecadox
  • Form: Meal
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