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Sunglo Full Body Cattle Feed


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Sunglo Full Body Cattle Feed

Full Body offers an all-in-one solution to support the growth and development of show calves as a creep ration and through sale. Formulated with essential proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals, its versatile format can be utilized as a complete feed, a top dress, or as a receiving ration. Originally built to add rib shape and fill during creep and sale prep for show calves, this show calf feed can also be used on a maintenance level to limit fat deposition on heifers and fed as a supplement to add rib shape and fill. This feed is enriched with selenium and vitamins A & E to support their immune system, as well as potassium to help keep them hydrated. It also helps promote a healthy rumen microbial population and supports feed intake and digestion. Finally, it keeps them looking their best with minerals and amino acids to promote a healthy hair coat and sheen.

  • Supports growth and development of 300-700 show calves during sale prep
  • Can be used as a complete feed, top dress, or receiving ration
  • High fiber content helps add dimension and depth of body
  • Supports proper immune function, hydration, microbial population, and healthy hair coat
  • Available in 50 lb. bag
  • Protein: 12.00%
  • Fat: 1.00%
  • Fiber: 26.00%
  • Form: Pellet

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