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Tall Sugar Snap Pea Vegetable Seed


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Tall Sugar Snap Pea Vegetable Seed 

Enjoy the rich, crunchy taste of Tall Sugar Snap Peas. With heavy yields of stringless, 3-in. pods that retain their color and texture after cooking, these peas are a versatile addition to any dish as they can also be enjoyed raw or shelled. Easy to grow from seed and resistant to wilt and frost, they can be planted for a spring or fall harvest. Vines can reach lengths of 5-6 feet, so it is recommended to use a garden trellis or support for the plants. 

  • 3-inch stringless pods
  • Spring or fall crop
  • Wilt and frost resistant 
  • Easy to grow 
  • Vines reach lengths of 5-6 feet
  • Seed packets available in various sizes 
  • Matures in 70 days 



~2,000 seeds/pound

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