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Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder


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 Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder

This innovative Squirrel-Be-Gone II wild bird feeder prevents squirrels from accessing the food. A squirrel proof bird feeder featuring a two-tone color of green and copper, it has a removable roof with a lock for quick and easy refilling. Its four-position adjustable spring allows for custom settings, so birds of different sizes can feed without squirrel interference. With a capacity of 8 pounds of seed, it can be pole-mounted or hung from a tree. Fully assembled, it's simple to use and enjoy. A great choice for a variety of seed mixes and a birds.

  • Squirrel proof weight sensitive perch
  • Easy tp fill and clean
  • Multiple spring settings for different birds
  • 8 lb. seed capacity
  • Hopper-style bird feeder


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