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Mill Smart Carb Horse Feed


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Mill Smart Carb

Mill Smart Carb Horse Feed is formulated to meet the needs of a variety of horses with its highly digestible and palatable fiber sources. Rich in fat and fiber, this pelleted feed offers less than one third of the energy from starch - a striking difference from the 40-60% found in traditional feeds - providing a great source of energy for competition horses and an excellent fiber source for older horses.

  • All around feed that caters to a wide range of horses
  • Highly palatable pelleted feed
  • Fixed formula
  • Yeast Culture for improved digestibility
  • Zinpro minerals for greater absorption and more efficient utilization
  • Highly digestible fiber sources
  • Selenium yeast for a safer, more bio-available source of selenium
  • Natural Vitamin E for increased absorption, resulting in improved immune function and decreased recovery times.
  • Available in 50 lb. bag

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