Silver Queen (White) Corn Vegetable Seed


Silver Queen (White) Corn Vegetable Seed

Silver Queen sweet corn seeds grow into one of the most beloved corn varieties in America. This white sweet corn offers large, sweet ears of creamy kernels. Disease-resistant against common issues such as Southern Leaf Blight, Northern Leaf Blight, and Stewart's Wilt Disease, these sturdy stalks yield 8-9 inch ears with 14-16 rows of kernels. For ideal results, sow directly into the garden once the soil has warmed to temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and plant in several short rows for optimal pollination. 

  • Matures in 85-94 days
  • Ears reach 8-9 inches
  • Popular sweet corn variety 
  • Disease resistant 
  • Seed packets available in various sizes 

~2,334 seeds/pound

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