Nutrena Respond High Grain Horse Feed


Respond High Grain

Respond High Grain is ideal for maintenance and performance horses both. With its yeast culture for improved digestion and reduced starch levels for better pre-cecal digestion, this feed replenishes glycogen stores for maximum performance. Its organic minerals and high fat content from vegetable oil also provide support for overall health and energy. Keep your horse performing at a high level with Respond High Grain Nutrena Horse Feed.

  • High-grain content for ease of feeding. No need to mix with additional grains.
  • Yeast culture to help improve fiber digestion
  • Controlled starch levels to support pre-cecal digestion and help replenish critical glycogen stores for maximum performance when oxygen is in short supply
  • Highly palatable to help maintain consumption for even the pickiest eaters
  • Organic minerals with increased bioavailability to help support immune function, hoof integrity, hair and coat quality
  • High fat level from vegetable oil for energy without added starch and sugars
  • Guaranteed levels of amino acids for enhanced protein to help support muscle maintenance and health
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag
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