Mill QuadraCare Horse Supplement


Premium joint, digestion, skin & coat, and hoof supplement all in one.

QuadraCare provides natural lubricants to support joint health and help maintain synovial fluid. This supplement provides high levels of beneficial microbes, which contribute to the health of a horse’s digestive system and increase the overall digestibility of its diet and absorption of nutrients. QuadraCare has a blend of nutrients that will reduce the incidence of dry skin, while producing shiny, healthy looking hair. It also helps to improve the integrity of the hoof wall.

FORM: Pellet

Additional Info:
Suggested Use Directions:
Adult Horses— 2 ounces per head per day.

  • 4 lb pail will last one horse 32 days
  • 10 lb bucket will last one horse 80 days
  • 50 lb bag will last one horse 400 days or 5 horses 80 days

Combine QuadraCare with MSM. These compounds may reduce the pain associated with daily exercise and aging.