Purina Omolene 100 Active Pleasure Horse Feed


Omolene 100 Active Pleasure

Omolene 100 Active Pleasure Horse Feed is a nutrient-rich option for horses in light to moderate work. Made with whole grains, this feed provides steady energy and natural antioxidants. Formulated with Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement, it also helps maintain proper gastric health. Plus, a blend of vegetable oil and molasses promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin.

  • Ideal for equine in light to moderate work
  • Made with whole grains and provides steady energy source
  • Contains blend of vegetable oil for healthy skin, hair, and hoof health
  • Contains Purina Outlast to maintain proper gut health
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag

SKU: 18134 ISBN: 804273061085