Purina Equine Senior Horse Feed


Equine Senior

Purina Equine Senior Horse Feed is a top veterinarian recommended feed for aging horses. With added Outlast Gastric Support Supplement, this balanced feed provides horses with marine calcite to assist with gut health and ulcer control. Purina Senior horse feed is an easy to chew and digest feed. Keep your trusted companion healthy and strong with Purina Equine Senior.

  • Senior feed
  • Top veterinarian recommended horse feed
  • Contains Outlast Gastric Support Supplement, Probiotics, and Prebiotics to maintain gut health
  • Amplify high fat nugget included to increase proper weight, energy, and good skin and hair coat with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Easily soaked to be fed as a mash
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag

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