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ProForce Fuel


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ProForce Fuel - New Bag & Improved Formula

Protein: 13

Fat: 13

Fiber: 10

ProForce® Fuel is a High Fat, Controlled Starch Feed for Equine Athletes and Hard-Keepers

It contains premium nutrition and is specifically tailored to support horses with the most demanding routines. ProForce Fuel Horse Feed is a highly versatile, controlled starch feed. The New Fuel Formula is a unique combination of pellets and the Empower Boost high fat extruded nugget for horses in training and for adult maintenance and breeding horses.

  • Versatile, high calorie feed ideal for a wide range of horses
  • Guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle development and maintenance
  • Balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help reduce the effects of inflammation
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in nutrient digestion, digestive health and supports the microbiome
  • Rebound Technology is a proprietary chromium and amino acid technology that helps support healthy exercise recovery. It helps to restore energy to muscles after competition or a workout, supporting recovery and maintenance
  • Nutrena’s Topline Balance includes a specific amino acid profile to help support a healthy topline for proper muscling and core strength
  • Nutri-Bloom Advantage increases fiber digestion to support more muscle tone, better body condition, and improved overall health
  • Controlled starch and sugar levels for glycogen repletion and to help minimize the risk for nutrition related problems
  • Organic trace minerals for immune support, increased bioavailability, and improved skin, hair, and hoof quality
  • Marine-sourced calcite supports gastric health
  • Enhanced with antioxidants, including selenium, vitamin C, and vitamin E, to support the immune system and minimize the effects of stress

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