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ProElite Senior Horse Feed


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ProElite Senior

ProElite Senior is a premium option for older(15+ years old) horses, tailored to provide optimal nutrition for digestion, improved appearance & performance. It has a guaranteed maximum starch and sugar(NSC) level of 13% making it a great option for horses with metabolic issues. With it being a beet pulp based feed, Pro Elite Senior provides a very digestible fiber. It's carefully balanced blend of ingredients helps horses recover quicker and look their best. ProElite Senior is a soft pellet that breaks apart when soaked to be fed as a mash for horses with difficulty chewing or swallowing. When taking your horses' health and performance seriously, trust in ProElite Horse Feeds. 

  • Premium horse feed option for older horses or horses prone to metabolic issues
  • Guaranteed max sugar & starch (NSC) of 13%
  • Beet pulp based feed
  • Soft pellet that breaks apart easily and can be soaked
  • Organic trace mineral complexes for increased bioavailability, immune system support, and nutrient utilization
  • Added Probiotics and Prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut biome
  • Fixed formula feed
  • Available in 50 lb. bag

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