Pramitol 25E Herbicide


Pramitol 25E is a non-selective pre and post-emergent bare-ground herbicide concentrate popular for industrial and commercial applications. Bare Ground means exactly that, wherever Pramitol is applied, nothing will grow for one year or more. Apply before or up to three months after weed emergence. Dilute in water or oil and apply as a foliar application, before construction, or in or under asphalt to control johnson grass, bindweed, wild carrot, and other hard to kill weeds and grasses. Pramitol 25E will not control woody vegetation. Pramitol is ideal for use around buildings, storage areas, roadways, airports, highway medians, lumberyards, pipelines, fences, recreational areas, and similar areas where total weed and grass control is needed.

SKU: 0040 ISBN: 072693000407