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Poultry Peck-n-Play Ball


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Poultry Peck-n-Play Ball 

The Poultry Peck-n-Play ball is a boredom-busting toy for backyard birds. Made from durable plastic that is dishwasher safe, this toy is designed to hold tasty treats like lettuce, fruits, and veggies. With a jingle ball inside for additional appeal, this chicken toy provides both mental and physical stimulation as your flock works to access the treats from the ball. Ideal for all species of poultry, this toy encourages natural foraging instincts in your flock, helping your birds to stay entertained and happy. 

  • Toy for all poultry species
  • Encourages foraging instincts 
  • Provides physical & mental stimulation 
  • Dishwasher safe 

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