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Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40

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Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 microbes form a symbiotic relationship with the corn plant. These microbes take nitrogen from the air and create the ammonia that plants need to grow and thrive, supplying it to the plant throughout the most critical growth stages. Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 adheres directly to the root of the corn plant and does not run off during weather events, providing farmers with a more reliable and consistent method for delivering plant nutrition.  There is no run off, leaching or volatilization with microbial sourced nitrogen compared to fertilizer application of synthetic nitrogen sources due to the symbiotic relationship of plant and microbe keeping a balanced conversion and uptake of nutrients.

Throughout recent experiments and demo fields, corn grown with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 has consistently shown a 4% to 6% increase in plant biomass.  Where synthetic nitrogen has been removed from the grower’s standard nutrient program, crops grown with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 are at parity or slightly better than the control.

Improve sustainability and reduce N loss to the environment by adding beneficial microbes in soil at planting time that can convert nitrogen.  Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is packaged in a box to cover 40 acres and is designed to replace up to 40 pounds per acre of synthetic nitrogen. Since it is live microbials and must be handled and stored properly, farmers can place orders with a Mill agronomist and product will be shipped direct from the manufacturer so that viable, fresh product is ensured.

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