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Super Sugar Snap Pea Vegetable Seed


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Super Sugar Snap Pea Vegetable Seed

Introducing Super Sugar Snap Pea Vegetable Seed - a tender and sweet snap pea variety. These seeds produce 55-65 inch vines that are incredibly productive with double the pods of most snap pea varieties. The fast maturity rate of 62 days and cold hardiness make this veggie ideal for early spring planting. Plus, it's easy to grow and resistant to common diseases, such as Powdery Mildew and Pea Leaf Roll Virus. 

  • 3" pods
  • 55-65 inch vines
  • High yields 
  • Matures in 62 days
  • Seed packets available in multiple sizes 

*Seeds in the package are treated with APRXL/CAP and should only be used for planting. 

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