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The larvicidal treatment for optimum parasite control. PANACUR® POWERPAC has a high degree of efficacy against all stages of encysted (hypobiotic) small strongyles. Only approved method of larvicidal treatment for encysted EL3’s and L3/L4’s. 98 percent effective in killing hypobiotic encysted EL3’s. 96 percent effective against L3/L4’s. Highly effective against the predominant internal parasites of horses: large strongyles, small strongyles (encysted early third stage cyathostomes), late third stage and fourth stage mucosal cyathostome larvae, pinworms, ascarids and arteritis caused by fourth stage larvae of strongylus vulgaris in horses. Use in all newly arrived horses and then once or twice per year. PANACUR® POWERPAC  offers a complete course of treatment for a 1250 lb horse. Convenient, oral administration. Unique artificial apple-cinnamon flavor.

Includes 5 x 57gram syringes

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