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Steel Cased Electric Fence Gate Handle


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Steel Cased Electric Fence Gate Handle

The Old Ironsides steel cased electric fence gate handle is a durable and reliable option for securing an electric fence gate. Its 7/8" diameter steel pipe construction with a safety hook and body formed as one ensures added strength and security. The spring mechanism, along with all metal parts, is permanently assembled using 20 tons of force, eliminating any flimsy attachments. Additionally, the large insulating grip is made of a flexible material that won't chip or crack, providing extra shock protection. This gate handle is designed to perform in any climate, with metal parts plated for rust resistance and a molded grip containing carbon black to deter UV rays.

  • Electric fence gate handle
  • Works with any gauge high tensile wire
  • Easily attached
  • Heavy duty with 7/8 in. steel pipe construction, safety hook and body formed as one
  • Built-in spring mechanism
  • Large, insulating grip that's chip and crack resistant

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