Nutrient Buffer


Neutralize acid which can lead to stomach ulcers. This unique ratio of minerals in a stabilized emulsion will help neutralize excess acidity that can lead to ulcers. Nutrient Buffer does not inhibit acid production in the stomach. Stomach acid is necessary in order to ensure proper digestion and absorption of food.

THE ONLY Equine Stomach Ulcer Supplement with a United States Patent

Unlike many horse supplements, Nutrient Buffer has demonstrated and documented its efficacy to earn a U.S. Patent. For over 40 years, we have been committed to using USP Grade minerals - ensuring maximum pharmaceutical purity. Equine health problems can be related to the toxic effects of heavy metals and varying mineral impurities - commonly found in cheaper feed grade products and poorer quality water supplies. Since some chemical forms of inorganic minerals are better or worse for consumption than others, you want to be able to choose your horse's intake of minerals. If it doesn't say 'USP Grade' on the label, then you should consider the longer-term risks of giving it to your horse.

Nutrient Buffer is designed to protect the stomach from excess acid and safely move through the digestive tract along with food. Drugs enter the blood stream to influence deeper biochemical functions. Nutrient Buffer will not test positive for any drug, and does not direct, control or obstruct natural biochemistry like Hšš blocker and proton pump inhibitor drugs. It is perfectly safe to use any time, even on race day.

Recommendations: Keep cool, away from sunlight, and shake well before use. 6 month expiration in warm sunny storage locations - 8 months to 1 year in cool dark storage conditions.

Consistency may vary depending on storage temperature, but it will not affect the performance of the active ingredients. Separation may occur near expiration, shake well to re-emulsify. May be dosed or used as a top dressing.


¼ cup (60£�) = 1 Dose - (when dosing)

¦œ cup = 1 Dose - (when top dressing on feed)

Ingredients list:

Distilled water, canola oil, calcium carbonate USP, magnesium oxide USP, zinc oxide USP, lecithin, vegetable gum, and preservative.


1 Gallon Bottle

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