Nutri-Drench Poultry Supplement


Nutri-Drench is a fast-acting, vitamin-rich poultry supplement that boosts energy and vitality in all classes of poultry. Its patented process ensures quick absorption and improved bio-availability for enhanced health and vigor of chickens, fowl, meat birds, and gamebirds. Designed for weak birds due to disease, shipping strain, weather stress, hatching difficulties, vitamin deficiencies, and more, this supplement is ideal to keep on hand for emergencies or for regular preventative care to help you flock maintain a strong immune system. 

  • Fast-acting vitamin supplement 
  • Works on all classes and ages of poultry
  • Ideal to keep on hand for emergency situations
  • Can be used for regular preventative care
  • Comes in a 4oz bottle 
SKU: 39942 ISBN: 761458256240