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NatureWise Layer Feed Crumbles Chicken Feed


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NatureWise Layer Feed Crumbles Chicken Feed 

Enhance your hens' health and egg production with Nutrena NatureWise Layer Feed Crumbles chicken feed. Enriched with vitamin D3 and essential oils, this 16% protein formula promotes strong eggshells while added Aztec marigold meal aids in vibrant yolk color. Prebiotics, probiotics, and yeast encourage peak digestion, while added yucca extract controls manure odor for your flock. This complete chicken feed comes in the form of an easy-to-eat crumble, making it ideal for smaller breeds such as bantams.

  • Complete diet supports healthy birds and strong eggshells 
  • Added marigold meal creates vibrant yolks
  • Easy-to-eat crumble form 
  • Yucca extract aids in manure odor control 
  • Available in 50lb. bag 



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