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NatureWise Meatbird Chicken Feed


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NatureWise Meatbird Chicken Feed 

Nutrena's NatureWise Meatbird chicken feed is expertly crafted with natural ingredients to enhance your bird's nutrient absorption, promote growth, support bone formation, and create a healthy immune system. Fortified with 22% protein, essential oils, yeast, prebiotics, and probiotics, this poultry feed was designed to aid your flock in easy digestion and gut health while your meat birds grow to a healthy size. With added yucca extract, this feed also helps to naturally lessen the odor of manure. Blended in the convenient form of an easy-to-eat crumble, this complete diet is the ideal size to feed birds from hatch to finish.

  • Supports the growth of turkeys and other meat birds
  • 22% protein 
  • Easy-to-eat crumble
  • Can be fed from hatch to finish
  • Enhanced with essential oils, prebiotics, and probiotics 
  • Yucca extract aids in manure odor control 
  • Comes in a 40lb. bag 


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