Natural Guard Neem Concentrate

3-in-1 multi-purpose product: fungicide, insecticide, and miticide. For organic gardening use on fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. An effective fungicide for the prevention and control of various fungal diseases including powdery mildew, black spot, downy mildew, anthracnose, rust, leaf spot, botrytis, needle rust, scab, and others listed on label. Stops powdery mildew in 24 hours.  For control of aphids, spider mites, scale, whiteflies, beetles, leafrollers, and others listed on label. Formulation: Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil 70%.
Size: 16 oz
SKU: 1216516 ISBN: 732221407121