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Mill Fibre Edge Horse Feed


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Mill Fibre Edge

Mill Fibre Edge is a beet pulp based feed that provides controlled levels of sugars and starches ideal for mature horses in all levels of work and sales prepping. This science-based, fixed formulation boasts top quality and palatable ingredients, as well as yeast culture for improved digestibility and organic minerals for greater absorption and efficiency. With a protein and fat level of 12% and a fiber and NSC level of 16%, this feed promises optimal nutrition for your horse's performance and overall health. This feed is ideal for various mature horses and the performance horse.

  • Beet-pulp based equine feed
  • Built for mature horses in all levels of work and for performance horses
  • Guaranteed low levels of sugars and starches with a max NSC of 16%
  • Contains yeast culture for improved gut health
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag

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