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Mill Fair Hill Training Mix Horse Feed


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 Mill Fair Hill Training Mix

A mix of sweet and beet pulp-based feed created specifically for equine athletes to enhance energy and performance levels. It contains 14% protein, 10% fat, 12.5% fiber, and 29% NSC. The inclusion of beet pulp helps with digestive issues, while the addition of Yeast Culture improves digestibility. It also includes organic trace minerals for better absorption and utilization, as well as safer selenium from yeast for increased bioavailability. The natural Vitamin E aids in absorption, leading to improved functioning and faster recovery times.

  • Built for performance horses
  • High fat and energy horse feed
  • Contains beet pulp for good, slow-release energy, which also helps with digestive issues
  • Added yeast culture for improved digestibility and gut health
  • Organic trace minerals for increased absorption
  • Available in a 50 lb. bag

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