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Lutz Green Leaf Beet Vegetable Seed


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Lutz Green Leaf Beet Vegetable Seed 

Grow delicious, nutrient-rich Lutz Green Leaf beets with unbeatable storage capacity. These crimson roots can reach 6 inches without becoming pithy, and their flavor only gets sweeter with time. Enjoy boiled, pickled, roasted, or fresh in a salad. The glossy, fuchsia-veined foliage of this beet does not need to go to waste as it adds a nutritious and tasty punch to your diet.

  • Matures in 63 days
  • Not prone to becoming pithy
  • Performs well in storage
  • Leaves and roots are nutritious and flavorful
  • Seed packets available in various sizes 

~25,200 seeds/pound

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