The Mill Hot & Spicy Blend


Hot & Spicy Blend

Our Hot & Spicy Blend provides a blend of sunflower chips, safflower, suet nuggets, and cayenne pepper. This squirrel resistant bird seed mix gives birds the energy they need from high-fat seeds without satisfying the squirrels. This blend contains cayenne pepper to deter squirrels from wanting to eat it but not bothering the wild birds. A great bird food mix to attract nuthatches, finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, and many other birds.

  • Squirrel resistant bird seed blend
  • Sunflower chips are the main ingredient
  • Cayenne pepper deters the squirrels
  • Designed to be fed in a hopper or platform feeder
  • Available in 5 and 20 lb. bags

Ingredients: sunflower chips with cayenne pepper, safflower, and suet nuggets.


SKU: 1225462 ISBN: 047659074150