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Halite/Rock Salt


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Sodium chloride-NaCl

“Halite” - Rock salt-a natural mineral

• Melts best above 20˚F, but will melt down to about 5˚F

• Ice melt; crystals also provide traction

• Works slower than Calcium Chloride but faster than Potassium Chloride & Urea

• Least expensive of ice melting products

• Mix of small and large crystals for immediate melting and to provide longevity of melting • Hard on concrete, lawns, shrubs, other plants

50 Pound Bag 

Additional delivery fees are required due to the size, weight or special handling needs of this item.

 Delivery Timing & Fees:

Ice melt deliveries are $60.00 for the 1st ton, $75.00 for 2 tons, and $90.00 for more than 3 tons.  Deliveries over a 50-mile radius may be extra for low volume orders.

 For delivery options call The Mill of Bel Air, 410-838-6111

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