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Guardian Pine Pellet Bedding


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Guardian Pine Pellet Bedding

Out of stock. The manufacturer is experiencing issues right now and will let us know as soon as they are able to get a load for us. We will update this page once they are restocked. For the time being, the mini-flakes, while not pelleted, are an easy to clean and very low dust substitute. Some people have substituted AWF white pine heat pellets also, however, a few people report skin irritations, so consider testing it first.

A popular style of horse and livestock bedding, Guardian Pine Wood Pellets in its softened state, is highly absorbent & easy to sift.  A healthy, long-lasting alternative to shavings or straw. Guardian pellets are ready to use and 100% soft wood fiber. At a recommended 4-5 inches depth, these bedding pellets will clump in wet spots for fast and easy removal while at the same time trapping urine quickly to reduce ammonia and waste. With minimal waste, Guardian Pellets can be much more efficient compared to shavings and straw. 

  • Horse & Livestock pelleted bedding
  • Highly absorbent and easy to sift
  • Healthy, long-lasting alternative to shavings or straw
  • Recommended to keep at 4-5 inches of depth
  • Minimal waste compared to shavings





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